The Year 2020

What happens when you own an evening dress company and the pandemic hits?

You have to change gears…..quickly.

With supply chains dwindling and our lives becoming more and more homebound, I knew I had to take a pause from eveningwear and create something new to fit our changing world.

I set about searching for soft, cozy fabrics and miraculously found a local supplier of organic cottons milled in the USA.   Most organic cottons are sold in what’s called PDF (prepared for dye), which is a natural color and state.  I wanted to make clothing in it’s natural state, but I also wanted beautiful sun-washed colors.  I found a wonderful family-owned dye house here in Los Angeles and I developed the first colors…..rosewater pink, sail blue, and seagrass green.  

I had a vision of sun-washed colors and vintage details, reminders of the beach and the sun and the good old days…

Now for the cuts!  True to my vintage-clothing roots, I wanted classic cuts.  70’s gym sweatpants, 80’s crop tops, military thermal tees.....these were our first designs.

We’ve slowly added more!   20’s knickers, 80’s dolphin shorts, 70’s raglan sweatshirts….all classics from the past.

Finally, I wanted each and every customer to rest assured knowing that they’re purchasing ethically made products when they buy from us. From organic fabrics to partnering with minority-owned family businesses, we’ve made it a priority to invest in our community, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Welcome to our journey :)

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