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And So It Begins......

Recently, 1980’s fashion has been making a huge reappearance, thanks to Netflix shows and TikTok videos. I see so many outfits inspired by the clothing of that time, and it got me thinking about those days.

Looking back, walking into a Macy’s junior department (my first job!) was a bit like walking into a candy store! With the backdrop of MTV music videos, the fashion was defined by beautiful colors and comfortable cuts. 80’s fashion made it’s mark as the happiest fashion decade.

Not to mention the brands that everyone loved, like…

Hang Ten:
Vintage Hang Ten 80's Sportswear Ad
Camp Beverly Hills:
Vintage 80's Camp Camp Beverly Hills Sportswear Ad
and the game changer….Esprit:
Vintage 80's Esprit Sportswear California Ad
This was sportswear, 80’s style. It was sunny, comfortable, hopeful….and it was all made in California!

But that era seemed to be short lived. Before long, the colors became darker, the details disappeared, and production started going overseas. The L.A. garment industry became a ghost town, and thrift stores became flooded with monotonous discarded fashions.

That’s why, when 2020 arrived in all it’s chaos, I thought about that vintage sportswear….and I thought about joy….and I thought about comfort for all of us at home.

I thought about all of the unemployed workers here in L.A….and I decided to try (in a small way) to bring all of that back. Clothing has such a huge impact on how we feel, and being a clothing designer, I knew I could use my experience to create something uplifting and new. Sun-washed colors and vintage details that remind my customers of the beach and the sun and good times… That’s my goal, and what I want to achieve with this company.

I also want each and every customer to rest assured knowing that they’re purchasing ethically made products when they buy from us. We’ve updated our clothing with organic fabrics and we’ve partnered with minority-owned family businesses (here and abroad) who have helped us at every step. We’ve made it a priority to invest in our community, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.


Jill Marin
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